City Center (Micro City)

City Center (Micro City)

  • Product Name:
    • City Center
  • Series Number:
    • 1
  • Set Number:
    • 3
  • Set Type:
    • World Pack
  • Micro City Scene
    • Micro City
  • Non-Chase
    • UPC Code:
    • 191726375432
  • MMW Code:
    • MMW0019

This was one of the first of the new Micro Machines releases in 2020. It consists of five vehicles and could be found at a few retailers in the US and UK.

The vehicles included are:

  • #0028 Taxi
  • #0029 Delivery Truck
  • #0030 Mail Truck
  • #0031 Garbage Truck
  • #0032 Tow Truck

The vehicles included are white, yellow, red and black, green and white, and brown.

Additional information:

This set is similar to American vehicles as the Mail truck is the same color, shape and design as American USPS trucks. The Delivery truck is the same shape and relative colors as the UPS delivery trucks.